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DMX Merge 50359

DMX Merge 50359

DMX Merge
2-way DMX merge
The Showtec DMX Merge allows you to combine two DMX controllers to one DMX line or to use a second desk as back-up desk.

The unit has 3 modes:
1) HTP (High Take Precedence) In this case you can use two similar desks with the same
addressing on one line. The DMX channel with the highest value has priority.

2) Back-up mode. The unit is connected to two DMX desks. Channel A has priority.
Once channel A fails or has no DMX channel B takes over the show.

3) Merge mode. Two desks can be merged on one line. E.g. you can run a scene setter
and DMX operator on one line. The Scene Setter will operate on channel 1-96 and the
DMX Operator will have the channels 97 and higher.
These positions can be freely addressed by the dip-switches.